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Glass Backsplash are a great addition in any number of applications.

Glass Backsplash are highly durable so can stand up to every day wear and tear.

They are also very easy to clean and come in a huge array of colours to suit just about every type of taste and style.

Typical places where you could use glass Backsplash in kitchens, wet areas in the bathroom, and in the shower, residential wall. 
  • Kitchen backsplash
  • Bathtub backsplash
  • Vanity backsplash
  • Kitchen island backsplash
Back Painted Glass - Glass backsplash for kitchen 
Our Back Painted Glass Backsplash in limitless color options using a durable heat-cured, two coat system. 
Glass Backs plashes for kitchen Oklahoma

Size capabilities ranging from 12" x 12" to 60" x 120" are possible, with reproducible color consistency from the first piece to the last piece.

Back Painted  Glass Backsplash is increasingly popular in the United States,and at your fingertips through Glass backsplash for kitche oklahoma

Back Painted on one surface and highly obscure, back painted colored glass backsplash expands the possibilities for dynamic and inventive back splashes, cabinets, doors and partitions.

Our Back Painted Glass ( Glass Backsplash ) is an ideal solution for commercial and residential spaces. 
Back Painted Glass Backsplashes and panels will enable you to create a special atmosphere in your home or  office, making your space truly unique.

Ultra Clear Low Iron Glass is being used for the Back Painted Glass Backsplash, so the color you specify is the color you see.  

Back Painted Glass (Glass Backsplash ) panels are the stylish, modern and practical way to brighten up your kitchen, bathroom or living room.

When you see our gorgeous glass backsplashes, you will wonder how your kitchen was ever completed without one. These stunning pieces of art serve the functional purpose of protecting your wall while adding elegance and sophistication to your space. OKC Glass backsplashes add an element to your kitchen or bar area that you just will not be able to find from other materials, such as tile, stainless steel, or other man-made products.  A glass backsplash adds a different level of elegance, uniqueness, and style to your kitchen. There are many options you can chose from when it comes to our glass backsplashes. First decision you need to make in ordering your glass backsplash is the desired thickness: 1/4″ or 3/8″. Also, your backsplash can be textured or plain, all depending on what look you are going for.

OKC Glass is a premier glass manufacturing company. We design, manufacture, and install glass for residential and commercial buildings, guaranteeing safety.

In OKC Glass we have a range of colors so you can choose the one you like.