Decorative ideas for recycling with glass bottles

Decorative ideas for recycling with glass bottles
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The DIY concept, Do It Yourself, has been appearing everywhere for some time now. It has become a philosophy among lovers of crafts and vintage decoration. It's nothing more than creating decorative objects with your own hands. This way, you save money and have fun.
Glass bottles and cans are containers that appear every day in our lives and that we will surely just end up throwing in the green container. In addition, they are an object that has many possibilities and that allow you to customize any room in a very simple way. Here are some ideas:
Bottles and cans of different sizes and colors can be combined. Put them alone or in a group to create a centerpiece. Combining several bottles of the same color but with different shades you will create a harmonious atmosphere. You can paint or decorate them with strings, washi tape, colored ribbons. Everything in your imagination!
Photo frame
With wide-necked and semi-transparent bottles, you can create original photo frames. Combine different shades and sizes and put them on a well-visible shelf or shelf. I'm sure they'll be the object of all eyes!
Forget those boring tin pens and create your own with a glass can. Decorate it with fabric ribbons or washi tape to give it a more personal touch. Hitting trinkets is another good option.
Candle holder
Candles are another of the 'must-haves' in decoration and also have many possibilities. Placed in glass canisters or bottles can create from a bohemian atmosphere to a romantic or mysterious one, depending on the color of the glass and the placement. With rope or wire you can make a simple system to hang them wherever you want.
Bracelet holder
If you're one of those with hundreds of bracelets, this is an easy idea to have them all organized, while serving as a decorative element.
Bedside tables
This idea takes a little more time and effort but it's definitely worth it. With a plank cut to your liking and four holes, you've got it. Then you only have to get 4 bottles of the same height to complete the work.
We continue to increase the level of difficulty with these lamps made from glass bottles and canisters. You can make it completely transparent, from boats of different colors or, put colorful bulbs.
Bird feeder
If you want the birds to come to your garden, there's nothing better than attracting them with some food. Make a hole in the bottles, fill them with bird food and hang them from some tree.

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