Glass decoration - Ideas for modern houses

Glass decoration - Ideas for modern houses
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Glass work is already an ancient art and over the centuries it became more refined until it reaches the elegance and prestige it enjoys today. It is an art that can be used in many ways. From a simple object for a table, a vase, or in large sculptures, delicate chess pieces or even special glasses made with the addition of other materials to protect, or as retaining walls for large aquariums.
It is also a widely used material in construction, such as windows, glass blocks and table tops. Inside a house we can also find it on computer screens, in pots, glasses and in cabinets. Its versatility is almost endless and this is due to its properties that are very interesting. Its flexibility allows it to be molded to the delight of the artist or craftsman who knows how to handle it and make his art.

With this in mind, here are some ideas to help you furnish your home with pieces of glass, using and abusing its transparency and the impressive effect that light can have: 
The greatness of glass
Glass has its own grandeur, its majesty, its characteristic of being able to allow the passage of outside light through it, to a greater or lesser degree, makes it an indispensable part in modern homes. Windows, doors, tables and other furniture always keep in mind their prestige making it irreplaceable, as well as its beauty.
In windows
There is a wide variety of windows: they stand out in, height, width, color and texture. However, glass is part of almost all, especially when you want to avoid physical contact with the outside world, due to rain, wind or height, but if you want to take advantage of benefits such as natural light or a beautiful landscape that puts through the window, the glass makes this transition between the interior space and the outer space achieved as with any other element. 
Permanent structures
The glass does not need to be used only as a sealing material as we can see it in windows and doors, for example. Certain types of glass (those made specifically for this purpose, for safety reasons) can function as a real structure.
On the furniture
As in structures, glass furniture is constantly proving that it is not a material that could be used only in extremely delicate conditions or to divide an environment. Of course, you should take some care for its durability and its correct use. 
In the lighting
Glass can be used both in windows and other openings capable of bringing natural light to a room such as for example, for an artificial light source such as that of a lamp to radiate the whole environment.
For bright, colorful tables
This is a decades-old classic at tables in any country. Glass pieces, such as glasses, vases, cups, containers, plates and other elements, have the ability to display the content they contain, as well as decorate with their colors and textures.
In the decoration 
This is another classic way to use glass. This material has been used for decades in vases and decorative sculptures. It can be dense and colorful, revealing what is on the other side, almost the same its opaque parts, but without forgetting its own brightness characteristics. Or they can also be transparent glasses that bring luminosity to the environment, housing flowers and other elements. 
On objects 
The decorative objects are many and the possibilities of what we can do with this material are almost infinite. A wide variety of colors and shapes can even leave us confused by choosing which one is best for our homes. However, one thing is certain: glass will always be a good choice to give delicacy and shine to a previously opaque and lifeless environment. 

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