Immerse yourself in a transparent pool

Immerse yourself in a transparent pool
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Transparent pools are more fashionable than ever because they produce a very striking aesthetic effect as well as being very fun for children. They can be fitted to any size and shape, and it is feasible to add all kinds of elements to make them even more beautiful. For example, waterfalls or the overflowing water effect.

A very suggestive effect

Transparent pools allow to be raised with the desired shape and size. If your dream is to have such a pool at home, it may be time to design it with the help of a professional, who will definitely know how to advise you on the best fit and size pool that suits your home. 

An underwater window 

Glass is a very resistant, transparent and rigid material. Therefore, it is a good ally for a transparent pool, but you will need to make sure with a professional how to calculate the thickness of the glass and what are the steps to follow of the start-up of the pool. 

Transparent L pool

You don't have to give up making multiple walls of your pool transparent. In fact, you can choose in an L-shaped pool that the transparent walls are two or three. The integration effect with the garden or terrace will be even greater. 

Like a fish in the water

When designing your pool, it is important to choose how to insert the stairs into the bucket. If you feel like being original in the design, you can choose to include the construction stairs on the transparent side of the pool. The steps can be with straight, rounded or Roman-style edges. An original way to get into the pool and be like a fish in the water. 

Clear recessed pools

That nothing, not even the terrain prevents you from having the transparent pool you've dreamed of. If the land of the house is very high, perhaps the solution is to build a built-in swimming pool on the ground. The effect is spectacular because it mixes such imposing materials as concrete or glass and of course, you don't have to give up the pool being transparent.

Modern rectangular pool 

The surprising thing about the glass is the resistance it presents, because it is so strong that it resists despite the pressure that the water makes outwards, preventing the glass from breaking. Many families choose minimalist style pools, which are basically rectangular and unadorned shapes, taking advantage of the conditions of the land and the architecture of the house in the best possible way. 

Illuminating a transparent pool 

Transparent pools do not require a special lighting system, but can be used the same lighting as in any other pool, taking into account that the result is even more imposing and spectacular due to its transparent walls. It is best to use LED lighting suitable for dipping in the pool.

Wooden flooring for your pool

As important is the pool as what surrounds it. Therefore, a very nice option is to choose wood to cover the access area to the pool. The result is an interesting combination of materials: wood, concrete and glass. What you should keep in mind is that the wood on the platform is suitable for outdoor use and for use in an area close to moisture. 

Pool with waterfall

When it comes to including an accessory to your transparent pool, you should know that your pool behaves like any other pool. Therefore, if you want to add a waterfall to your glass pool, you can do it in the same way as if it were a "normal" pool. Make sure that the wall on which you want to install the waterfall supports the weight and pressure of the waterfall.

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