Play with mirrors to personalize your home

Play with mirrors to personalize your home
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Mirrors are one of the many essential elements when it comes to decorating your home; either for the bathroom, the hall, or the bedroom. Some of them have a function, like the one you probably use in the mornings to wash your face and makeup, or the one you have in the driveway and it serves to check that you are going great and you are completely ready to go to work with strength and joy. Other mirrors are simply to decorate and make the room you are in more spacious, giving it a brighter and more pleasant look.

Depending on how much use you are going to give to your mirror, shape, place or size, you can give it a unique and personalized touch to perfectly match the different decorative elements of the house.

Playing with mirrors to personalize your home 

Mirrors can be integrated into any decorative style and do not go out of style. However, use them with care as improper use can damage a stay.

With mirrors you can multiply the light of a room, make it appear larger or simply beautify it. They're real space wizards. Mirrors can also serve purposes as practical as hiding some defects from the walls, such as cracks, holes, stains. 

A good reflex

Using the mirrors you can replicate a corner or the most prominent detail of a room: a collection, a painting, a vase, reinforcing the style of the room and offering another perspective of the objects.

Before placing the mirror, it is very important to be clear about what you want to reflect. It is necessary to ensure that the element that will be duplicated has some decorative interest. It would be a mistake to place a mirror in front of an unfurnished wall, as it would cause a vacuum effect. The location, size and position of the mirror must also be determined to achieve the desired effect. If more than one is placed in a room, it is important that they are of the same size and shape.

Mixing large and small mirrors can cause a sense of clutter. It is also not advisable to cover with mirrors more than two walls of the same room, as it could over-recharge the space. 

How to expand the space with mirrors?

If a mirror is installed to cover an entire wall, the apparent size of the room is enlarged. This resource is especially suitable for small rooms. To make the result as effective as possible, it is important that the mirror lacks a frame and adapts perfectly to the wall measurements. Another possibility is to place two mirrors at an angle, which produces the feeling that the space is duplicated.

In the living room, putting a mirror on the sofa provides a much broader view of the room. In addition, if you tilt the top slightly, all the elements reflected in it will become part of the new perspective.

The doors of the cabinets decorated with mirrors visually enlarge the room and, as the natural light reflected in them, the room will gain clarity.

If we place a mirror on a wall in front of a door, so that when it opens the reflected adjoining room, the feeling of depth will be increased.

Horizontal or vertical?

The position in which the mirror is placed also creates different visual effects. If you look upright - covering a room door, for example - the room will look higher. However, if it is placed horizontally, for example, in a corridor, it will appear longer.

You may have already realized that mirrors are not just there to look at us; so we give you a tip: play with them to personalize your home and get the most out of them.