The good (and bad) things of glass tables

The good (and bad) things of glass tables
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Glass tables are one of the most demanded options to decorate homes and give you some uses such as: kitchen table, coffee table or as a desk. In addition, being such a versatile material, it allows a great combination with other types of materials such as metal or wood. That is, they adapt very well to all types of rooms; from the most modern to the most classic.
Advantages of saying YES to glass tables
Brighter stays
Like all furniture and glass panels, glass tables reflect sunlight. This makes the rooms more luminous by enhancing the existing light.
Greater visual amplitude
Another advantage of the glass is that it allows a visual continuity of the spaces.
As it is a transparent material, rooms containing glass panels, such as glass tables, appear larger. Since with them we avoid placing a wall that cuts the space and makes it visually. This way the rooms look less heavy and loaded.
Being a neutral, colorless material, it is very easy to combine a glass table with any type of decorative style. The same is true if you want to make the table yourself and buy a glass panel for it in a glass specialist company, as it will be very easy to look good with any type of legs or supports.
Glass tables combine perfectly in all kinds of spaces and styles. But above all, these types of tables are ideal for rooms where you want to get a more elegant and sophisticated look.
Why say NO to a glass table?
Glass tables offer many advantages, but it may not be the type of table you're looking for. One of its drawbacks is that a glass panel tends to get dirtier on a table than other materials. Therefore, although it is very easy to clean, if there are small children at home, glass tables may not be the best option if you want a surface always free of footprints.
As for their resistance, glass tables used to be more fragile. So for many people they saw in this aspect another disadvantage. However, the new treatments applied to glass allow this material to offer much greater safety and hardness.
Tempered glass is usually used for glass tables, a material that offers all the advantages mentioned in the previous point, but without its main drawback; its fragility.
Bespoke glass tables
In the decoration shops there are many types and designs of glass tables. Choosing between one or the other will depend on the needs we have, the design of the stay and our budget.
But in the case of not finding any model that suits what we are looking for, we can always make it to measure. In addition, in this way you can always use the type of glass that you want to use; its degree of transparency and color.
At OKC Glass we are specialists in all kinds of custom glass work. Please contact us for more information.