Tips to choose the perfect glass for your windows

Tips to choose the perfect glass for your windows
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The windows play an important role in the comfort and well-being that is projected in a house and therefore, it is necessary to make the correct choice of the material of the window as of the glasses that will have, since it is precisely the crystals that provide the precious thermal insulation that retains the heat of the interior in cold weather, and then , in warm seasons, keep the temperature of the house cool preventing the heat from passing from the outside.
The glasses also allow to achieve a good soundproofing and thanks to the level of sound insulation that they have, you will have a better and more relaxed rest. And on the other hand, the fact that the glasses seal that entrance of the house that represent the windows, offers a security bonus that avoids unwanted income.

However, it should be noted that not all windows offer the advantages of safety and thermal and acoustic protection, mentioned above. It all depends on the profile and qualities of the glass that is installed to the windows, to ensure that they have an optimal insulating capacity of temperature and sound, as well as optimal resistance to breaks or attempts to violate privacy.

As you've seen, having good windows with the right glasses can become the hallmark of comfort and family safety. At OKC Glass we want to show you with this idea book the most convenient types of glass, and the features and advantages of each one so that you get the best results when it comes to glazing your windows: 

Simple or monolithic glass

They are the simplest and little recommended for installation in an outdoor window because they are not insulating.

Laminated glass

is made up of two or more layers of glass. It is safe because PVB sheets are interspersed in its structure that provides resistance. Helps the insulation and security of your home.

Tempered glass

It has great mechanical and thermal shock resistance, so it is recommended for outdoor use. It also provides safety in its use thanks to its strong and impact resistant glass.

Matte glasses

It is a glass that is especially used for interiors because it gives a distinctive touch thanks to its matte finish that prevents fingerprints from being printed in these spaces providing a better look.

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