Why choose a glass rail for the interior stairs?

Why choose a glass rail for the interior stairs?
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The glass railings are ideal for those who wish to bring to their home an extra touch of luminosity. In addition to being an undisputed decorative element, this type of railings make the spaces appear wider. If the stairs are located between the separation of several spaces, the glass will be able to unify the room to obtain a more comfortable, pleasant atmosphere and a minimalist aesthetic. 

Today, due to the different decorative styles, it is possible to find glass on stairs of various designs and sizes able to adapt to all spaces introducing a remarkable touch of distinction and elegance. Another positive aspect of glass railings is that they combine perfectly with other materials such as wood or metal.

A railing design for each space

When searching the market for glass railings for interior stairs, you can find various types that may or may not contain handrails, recessed to the structures or that are stapled laterally, bottom or perimeter. Glass railings that rise independently from each rung will bring a sophisticated and elegant touch, while if you want to highlight a spiral staircase it is advisable to bet on the curved glass, to which you can add other materials such as wood or aluminum.

On single-stage stairs the design is usually seen complete and it is highly advisable to take advantage of the transparencies so that the staircase does not become an obstacle but a more important to be integrated into the decoration. The details of the glass on stairs can be located both in the handrail area and at the bottom and materials in hardwoods or metal can be of various colors that help reinforce the design of the staircase such as black or white.

Maintenance and safety of the stairing glass

Design is very important in choosing a glass railing but safety is also highly necessary. It is essential that the railing introduces safety elements without damaging its usefulness as a light flow. Because anyone, especially children and the elderly, may be exposed to a ladder accident, it is necessary to add additional support points to the glass railings. 

In addition, glass must always be approved by the relevant body and subject to the relevant non-slip treatments to ensure complete safety. As far as maintenance is concerned, this type of railing can be cleaned in the same way as any other surface of the same material is cleaned.

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