Glass blocks? One of the best ideas!

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If you're thinking of turning your spaces around to get more spacious glass blocks or glass bricks are the best option to achieve it. They are perfect to build and decorate the environments, just by installing them you will notice the change, their transparency gives character to the place, making it look more and more delicate. 
They are a very modern alternative to break with the basics and give greater luminosity and aesthetics to all spaces: Offices, rooms, corridors and so on. Learn with our tips to create unique environments full of privacy and charm.
Glass bricks and their colors
Playing with the light and decoration of your home can be a very effective way to bring environments to life without buying colorful lights. There are corridors where you don't need to install lights to visualize the route, just by placing several columns of glass bricks with others that don't have them you'll have a more dynamic and aesthetically appealing area. The glazed walls are very convenient if you want to take advantage of what nature gives you.
Install glass blocks to seduce
Showers usually have sliding plastic doors or curtains with drawings. This model is perfect to beautify the place, young couples choose it since they are practical, offer a touch of delicacy and visual aesthetics. They allow light to pass through the blocks without problem. The design opening makes it naturally pass the air, preventing the entire tub from filling up with moisture or accumulating as much water inside.
Think style
Glass brick is ideal for giving your environments something else. The decoration always influences the aesthetics of the whole set, so we recommend opting for new designs and new materials. A bathroom may look different if you place blocks of glass, the good thing is that you won't need a door that separates the areas.
Give the kitchen a special touch
The best way to take advantage of a wall is to preserve it and integrate glass bricks where it is taken advantage of beyond the bright and shiny effect, its goodness to divide environments. You see, the result of light on the glass has always taken an interest, it's as if it's wet or cloudy. You can choose between its dimensions because depending on the space you will know which model is suitable for certain areas. They are also used as corners, i.e. the variety you will find with the glass blocks.
Glass bricks, ideal separators
Before knocking down the entire wall or buying non-functioning wooden separators, glass bricks are more than practical, easy to install, separate environments and maintain the natural lighting that passes through each piece.
Delicate and luxurious without using many elements
The bathroom can look spectacular if you want with the beautiful finish of the glass bricks, in addition to integrating the spaces with a neat finish are preferred by the owners who want to create a more intimate, delicate and luxurious atmosphere without using many elements to achieve it.
Glass bricks for the shower?
The diversity of colors in the glass bricks will make you create a special atmosphere in the bathroom, many choose the transparent ones but there are quality designs, textures and finishes that will allow you to create a thicker layer to make the visualization more difficult. It is important to remember that you can also install them in basements, stairs and even in living rooms. They work very well as skylights on the ceilings.