Beveled Glass in Oklahoma | Rectilinear - Double - Curvilinear

Beveled Glass in Oklahoma
Beveled Glass in Oklahoma

 When it comes to remodeling or starting a construction project, the incorporation of glass is a choice that should not be taken lightly, without a doubt, you have to choose the best, being the beveled glass one of the most recommended that combines delicacy with elegance in different spaces.

So that, it is a great alternative for the manufacture of doors, windows and mirrors, so that today remains the favorite for classic decorations and also tend to be very safe and resistant. 

Why use beveled glass?

The beveled glass is characterized by a type of oblique cut on its edges and is usually made in glass of medium thickness - high so it is very resistant and its design provides an atmosphere of impact with elegance, because the bevels in contrast to the sun's rays highlight a diffraction of color in the spaces. 

 All these aspects make beveled glass attractive and ideal for making skylights, tables or cabinets and can even be applied as details in spaces with glass art. There are also different cuts of glass that can be adapted to the customer's needs, among which the following stand out:

  • Rectilinear
  • Combined
  • Double
  • Double-sided
  • Curvilinear.


  • They provide an exclusive design in diverse interior and exterior areas.
  •  They are high resistance and durability crystals.
  •  They do not require high maintenance costs.
  •  They adapt easily to any project.
  •  They generate spaces of impact and elegance.

Your best ally 

In Okc Glass Us we are your best ally. We are a specialized company with the highest quality standards in the manufacture and installation of beveled glass, we have highly qualified personnel and offer a variety of designs and styles aligned to the demands of our customers. 

We maintain our values and innovations in service, contact us and we will provide personalized attention with the best advice to enjoy a work done with excellence at unimaginable prices that you will not find anywhere else. So do not hesitate and trust your work in the hands of experts.

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