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Frosted Glass in Oklahoma
Frosted Glass in Oklahoma

Within the design of structures, glass plays an important role. In fact, in addition to providing aesthetics, it has a functional character. But there are different types according to the desired role. For example, frosted glass is ideal for places that require discretion.

This material has the particularity of reducing the sun's rays, which prevents images inside and outside the place from being seen clearly. Thus the reflection is imperceptible. But besides being useful, they are also decorative and give life to any space.

So just imagine being able to enjoy your space with more privacy, with a new decoration with this type of material, as you have always wanted. Read on and learn more about this material...

Uses of Frosted Glass

You can appreciate them in different elements such as:

  • Shower doors
  • Light bulbs
  • Lamps
  • Windows
  • Glasses...

But the interesting thing is that they fit perfectly in commercial sites such as hospitals, offices, meeting rooms or any place where the objective is to project a blurred or blurred blurred or unclear image to the eye.  

This is because it reduces sunlight and the image becomes confusing to the viewer. However, the material is present in the usual decoration of both residential and business or institutional buildings.


  • It allows privacy without interrupting the flow of light from one space to another in which it is installed.
  • Resistant and safe.
  • Its designs and decoration can be very versatile.
  • It is of a very affordable price.


Frosted glass requires a little more care because its surface is textured. To clean it properly you must first take into account the place where the glass is located and if you need to clean it without moving it from the place. Do not use an abrasive cleaner abrasive cleaner, as this can leave scratches on the frosted surface. Do not forget to use gloves when cleaning.

Frosted Glass Experts

If you own a home, manage an institution, school or office and you are looking for the and you're looking for the alternative to this situation with frosted glass, there's no one better in Oklahoma in all of Oklahoma than Okc Glass Us.

We have a highly trained staff and technicians for all of our glass and mirror projects. and frosted glass is no exception. So deliveries are accurate in the shortest in the shortest amount of time.

Our company is up to date with all the norms required to execute works complying with all the quality standards that with all the quality standards required by the industry. In fact, we have insurance and permits to carry out works of superior level.

In this way, you will be confident at the moment you require our services that you will not lose time or money. Since we mentioned the monetary part, it is important for you to know that we have a philosophy about our prices.

That is to say that we are the balanced balance between price and quality without having to make extra payments or surprise prices. We provide free estimates, in addition to a friendly service from our staff.

We don't meet expectations, we exceed them and our clients are eyewitnesses of the fascinating projects they entrust us with, bringing to reality what they have in mind... Contact us and receive more information about this and other services.

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