Non-slip glass in Oklahoma | Tempered - Silk-screen printed - Acid etched

Non-slip glass in Oklahoma
Non-slip glass in Oklahoma

In any infrastructure, the floor plays a fundamental role, since it gives distinction and elegance to the place. An ideal option is anti-slip glass. This type of material is highly adaptable to stairs, floors, pavements, which allows its use in all types of locations, besides providing elegance, security and charm to the area, either indoors or outdoors.

In this sense, Okc Glass Us offers the best and most outstanding service in the installation of anti-slip glass, combining quality and aesthetics, protecting it from falls or slips. We are experts in the area, providing you with a wide variety in diverse applications of anti-slip glass ranging from stairs, ramps, walkways, swimming pools to walkable roofs.

Advantages of anti-slip glass

* High resistance to scratches and stains

* Safety when stepping on

* Highly resistant material

* Unique drainage designs

* Use in different modalities, outdoors, indoors, dry or wet.

* Homogeneous and attractive appearance

* Durability over time. 


When selecting the design of the anti-slip glass it is necessary to take into account aspects such as: weight to support, support sides and required safety level, with our services that will not be a concern because we have a highly professional service and we are ready to provide the best advice for you to make a decision that satisfies you when selecting the type of anti-slip glass you require.

We create unique spaces and to your taste, with a touch of originality and glamor, this material is characterized by its versatility, variety of colors ranging from extra clear, through the clear, bronze, green, blue, black and mirror, with a thickness of 4 to 12 mm.

The above according to your preference and with standard measures that prevent corrosion, as if that were not enough, the material supports cutting, beveling, drilling, curved, tempered and laminated.

Our materials generate a visual appeal and our team of technicians calculate the necessary resistance for the glass to be passable, achieving a safe and airtight product that, naturally, also complies with the regulations of residential, commercial or public buildings, for this and many more reasons our customers fully rely on our services.

Types of anti-slip glass

There are several types of floor glass, such as: transparent tempered laminated glass, screen-printed glass, laminated glass, acid-etched glass, special processed anti-slip laminated glass. The result is an attractive and durable anti-slip surface, characterized by eye-catching designs.

Slip-proof laminated glass, as a flooring option, presents new architectural opportunities that allow designers to play with colors and space that best highlights the light. 

In our company we take care and take into account each of these details to provide you with a high quality finish.

Why choose us?

Our team is characterized by its high professionalism, ethics, responsibility and commitment. The testimonials of our clients certify it, besides we work with materials that take care of our planet. 

So if you want to give security, warmth, brightness, harmony, illumination and elegance to your commercial or private space, do not think twice and hire our anti-slip glass installation services. You will notice that you will have made an excellent investment.

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