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Stained Glass in Oklahoma
Stained Glass in Oklahoma

The implementation of glass in different structures is a strategy that is in constant innovation, so if you want to impose style to your property, stained glass is an excellent choice for the construction of windows, stained glass, doors or other design concepts you want.

Nowadays, where the variety in construction and decoration is infinite, the incorporation of colored glass represents an alternative that causes impressive and unique effects that adapt to the creativity of personalizing spaces with the right tone and design, providing color, liveliness and brightness in different environments.

Stained glass features

Stained glass is ideal for interior and exterior design of your property, providing an extraordinary view on both sides as well as highlighting the delicacy with a magical touch to the spaces where they are used.
They can be made to the size and thickness that the work deserves and with the implementation of technological methods are produced in different shades such as:
  • Clear
  • Ultraclear
  • Blue-blue
  • Filtrasol


  •  Projects originality and energy in different environments.
  •  Reduces the transmission of ultraviolet rays.
  •  It imposes a modern style in any space.
  •  Because of its versatility, it allows the combination of colors that enhances beauty.
  •  Easy maintenance and durability

The best colored glass

We Okc Glass us have more than 10 years of experience in the market complying with our ideals of honesty, responsibility and punctuality at the time of finishing our work leaving as a mark happy and satisfied customers to see their dreams come true.
So, we provide a comprehensive service ensuring effective results so we constitute a team of professionals based on technological innovation and managing high quality standards that lead to success in each project. In Okc Glass us we are waiting for you with open arms to develop your construction project, call us and we will gladly assist you. 

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